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Choose the right dishwasher

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  When buying dishwasher, I often don't know what kind of good to buy, and there are so many styles. I don't know which one to choose. I don't know which one will make me regret. I think it's worth buying. Today, the sink dishwasher manufacturers tell you how to buy the dishwasher you want?

1、 Dishwasher capacity

  If it is for family use, you can refer to the population size of family members. If it is used in restaurants, school canteens, enterprises and institutions, it is necessary to consider the use of tableware. At present, the dishwasher capacity is mainly divided into 4 sets, 6 sets, 8 sets, 9 sets, 13 sets and so on.

  In addition, if users choose their own dishwasher model, especially the embedded dishwasher, they need to remember the size and tell the cabinet manufacturer to reserve space for the dishwasher. Otherwise, the installation effect of embedded dishwasher cannot be realized.

2、 Dishwasher style

  At present, the main styles of dishwasher are sink dishwasher, embedded dishwasher and independent dishwasher. Sink dishwasher is similar to the structure of the sink, which is more in line with the habits of Chinese people. The kitchen cabinet is relatively easy to operate, but it will not take up more space. If users have no requirements on the size and price of the dishwasher, but they are used to the traditional sink type dishwasher structure, they can consider the sink type dishwasher.

  Embedded dishwasher saves space and can make full use of the kitchen space. Usually, it has better concealment and makes the kitchen look more beautiful. If the user's kitchen space is small, and want to pursue a high-quality kitchen experience, you can choose the embedded dishwasher. The desktop dishwasher is more suitable for families with small kitchen area or without reserved embedded dishwasher location to meet their daily life.

3、 Dishwasher function

  Generally speaking, dishwasher has the functions of cleaning, sterilizing and drying. Different types of dishwashing machines have different procedures according to the degree of dishwashing. Users can choose impeller type or nozzle type. As long as it has the functions of washing, drying and automatic program control, it can basically meet the daily needs.

  If you don't consider the price, you can choose the dishwasher which has the functions of fast washing, rinsing and rotary spray brush, as well as drying and sterilization functions, so as to wash faster, cleaner, safe and reliable.

4、 Energy consumption

  Generally speaking, dishwasher washing tableware is more water-saving than hand washing, but if the amount of tableware is large, the larger the dishwasher capacity, the greater the power correspondingly, and the more energy consumption. In addition, the energy consumption of dishwasher with drying and sterilization functions is higher than that of ordinary dishwasher. Users should choose the dishwasher with appropriate power according to the number of people and the amount of tableware used. Try not to have the situation that the dishwasher has a large capacity but a small number of tableware, which can save a certain amount of energy consumption to a certain extent.

5、 After sale service of dishwasher manufacturer

  We know that even the best dishwasher, due to improper operation, maintenance, long-term use and other factors, more or less will also have some problems. At the same time, dishwasher also needs professionals to install, also need to involve water and electricity transformation and other aspects. At this time, the importance of dishwasher after-sales service appears. It involves a series of problems after purchase, such as door-to-door installation, water and electricity transformation, daily maintenance, fault repair and so on. In order to solve the worries, users must choose dishwasher manufacturers with good after-sales service guarantee.

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