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Steps and maintenance of dishwasher

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  If you often use the dishwasher, when you find that the dishwasher has a peculiar smell or there is a certain amount of sediment inside, it is time to clean it. However, if you don't use the dishwasher frequently, it is recommended to run the dishwasher empty after a long period of time. If there are not many people in the family and the number of dishes to be washed is not large, it is also possible to clean them up after a long time. But it is recommended to clean at least once a month.

一、 Dishwasher cleaning procedures

1. Fuselage cleaning

  Turn off the power and clean the appearance of the fuselage with a clean cloth.

2. Filter system cleaning

  According to the instruction, the filtration system is divided into three parts and treated according to the drawing.

3. Spray arm cleaning

  Check whether the spray hole of the spray arm is open. If there are fragments blocking the spray hole, clean it with toothpick. Then rotate the two spray arms by hand to see if they are smooth.

4. Rinse with water

  Wash out the garbage and add dishwashing salt and dish brightener respectively.

5. Turn on self cleaning mode

  Finally put a piece of dishwasher powder, and choose the self-cleaning mode, let the dishwasher take a bath for itself.

二、 How does sink dishwasher remove food residue

  1. In fact, it is quite normal to have food residue in the dishwasher, because the drainage pump of the dishwasher can discharge the residue as large as rice grains. If there is a larger residue, it will be collected into the filter screen.   Therefore, it is suggested that when washing dishes in the future, remove the larger residue first, so that there will be no dishwasher, which can prevent the dishwasher residue from moldy and breeding bacteria.

  2. It is recommended to discharge the waste into the garbage disposal unit after treatment. Generally, the garbage treatment unit has a special dishwasher water inlet. If it is directly discharged into the downpipe, pay attention to regular cleaning to prevent greasy blockage of the pipeline.

三、 How to maintain the dishwasher

1. Skillfully avoid decoration damage

  In general, the embedded kitchen electricity has been purchased before the decoration of the house, but it is inevitable that dust will fly during the decoration process. In order to avoid these flying chips from damaging the dishwasher, it is suggested to coat a layer of protective oil on the surface of the dishwasher tank before decoration, so as to avoid the metal debris flying in the air falling into the cavity to produce rust and damage the dishwasher chamber Surface.

2. Cavity dry engraving head

  Usually, when the tableware or fruits and vegetables are cleaned, we should open the dishwasher cover in time. On the one hand, it can remove the waste heat from the high-temperature washing of the cavity, on the other hand, it can also keep the interior of the chamber dry and clean, especially the private parts such as the dishwasher spray arm, so as to avoid the damage of small parts of the dishwasher and prolong the service life of the dishwasher.

3. Cavity cleaning has unique skills

  It is important to keep the dishwasher chamber clean regularly. If it is necessary to thoroughly clean the internal tank, the bowl tank and spray arm can be removed, washed with water, wiped dry and reset. In addition, it should be noted that neutral detergent can be properly put into the cleaning process, and after cleaning again, the water tank should be completely washed with clean water to avoid residual corrosive water stains.

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