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Details of dishwasher operation

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  Some users may feel that the domestic dishwasher is not easy to use. In fact, it may be due to your operation method. Today, the sink dishwasher manufacturer wants to share with you the relevant problems about the operation method of the sink dishwasher. I hope it will be useful for you.

  The working principle of the dishwasher is to drive the washing pump through the motor to make the washing liquid eject from the spray arm under a certain pressure, forming a three-dimensional direction of dense hot water flow, so as to achieve the function of cleaning tableware. After washing, the tableware is dried." According to professionals, compared with other household appliances, dishwasher needs to pay attention to more details in order to ensure the effective use of the machine.

1. Don't carry too much stuff

  Dishwasher can not completely replace manual labor, so before washing, other sundries in the tableware, such as fish bones, leftovers, rice, etc., are cleaned up, otherwise, it is easy to block the filter screen or hinder the rotation of the nozzle, which will affect the washing effect. Wash the tableware as soon as possible after use. Do not let the residue dry. And always keep the dishwasher clean inside and outside. After each use, brush off the dirt and accumulation on the filter to prevent clogging.

2. It's also important to place tableware

  There are two points to pay attention to when using the dishwasher: first, the dishes and bowls should be placed in the shelf according to the position and direction indicated in the instructions of each model. The wrong way of placing will directly affect the water flow and the cleanliness; second, pay attention not to place excessive tableware in the washing basket, and do not overlap or collide with each other.

3. Be sure to choose special detergent

  In order to better clean tableware and eliminate water spots, special dishwasher detergent should be used instead of soapy water or washing powder. Special detergent is characterized by low foam and high alkalinity, so it can not be washed directly by hand, so as not to burn the skin.

4. Correct use

  The advantage of dishwasher is not only to clean tableware, but also to disinfect, dry and store tableware. But dishwashers use a lot of electricity to dry dishes. Therefore, if the energy consumption of the tableware can be reduced as soon as possible after the natural ventilation method is used. In addition, the general dishwasher has three washing procedures: pre washing, forced washing and normal washing. Under normal circumstances, the normal washing can be selected. For the tableware with more residues, the pre washing procedure should be selected first, and then the normal washing will improve the washing cleanliness. Proper selection of washing procedure can save water and electricity.

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