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The use of dishwasher can bring users a good dishwashing experience

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  Dishwasher is divided into three types, desktop, sink type, embedded, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Among them, the advantages of the desktop dishwasher are small and convenient, which can be moved and placed flexibly; the sink dishwasher is easy to install, which can directly replace the original double sink, and the water pipe below can still be used, and can support the cleaning of vegetables and fruits. The operation mode of plane left and right movement is more humanized; the embedded system has the characteristics of large capacity and high appearance value, and can make full use of space.

  Dishwasher can reduce household chores for everyone. Many consumers can't do without it after using it. So, here's the question. How do you use the dishwasher? It's very simple. Take the sink dishwasher as an example. After installing the sink dishwasher in the user's home, we just need to put the dirty dishes into the sink dishwasher, select the dishwasher program, and press the start button, and the dishwasher can help us solve the dishwashing problem.

  Sink dishwasher can bring users a better dishwashing experience, in what specific aspects?

  The sink is made of 304 stainless steel, and its surface is frosted and cleaned. Chinese style bowl basket design + slag basket, filter structure, easy to place, slag removal is comparable to manpower; it cleans up to 39 tableware in 30 minutes at a time, meeting the demand of a family of 2-6; the washing platform composed of whirling spray arm, ultrasonic cavitation and flying saucer rapid heating technology can give you super clean dishwashing effect.

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