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Dishwashers that don't rely on real-time data are bullshit

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  Why do enterprises need dishwasher? It is because our life and health need a higher requirement! More convenient for people's life. People are the same. So how can you have a cleaner plate? This is inseparable from a qualified dishwasher, a qualified dishwasher can not do without the dishwashing detection equipment displayed by real data. In the mixed market, many dishwashers failed to meet the standards. There are many reasons for the formation of this kind of image, during which there is no advanced detection system. Dishwasher testing equipment is mainly used to test the performance of water purifier. The collected data are fed back to manufacturers to achieve better product analysis or transformation, and produce qualified and better performance dishwasher products. Then some people will ask, dishwasher has imitative inferior product, dishwasher detection equipment will not have accurate data is appropriate? The detection automation intelligent function of dishwasher detection equipment is different from the technical strength of the manufacturer of dishwasher detection equipment. Whether there are detection problems can be reflected in the process of detecting dishwasher!

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