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    Guangdong endurance Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional testing mechanism manufacturer integrating R & D, technical support and after-sales service. It focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of testing instruments in various industries, including fatigue life, safety performance and environmental adaptation. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system, and has obtained the recognition of domestic and foreign commodity inspection institutions, quality inspection institutions and well-known enterprises with integrity, strength and product quality. Welcome and thank you all friends to visit Zhongshan endurance Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. for visit, guidance and business negotiation.

Main production:

     Vertical raindrop test device, swing pipe rain test device, wind rain test room, automobile rain test room, sand dust test box, air dust test box, electric water heater energy efficiency test bench, electric water heater performance test bench, electric water heater routine test bench, electric water heater inner tank pressure life test machine, water pressure switch performance test bench, water heater safety valve life test bench, electric control water heater Life test bench of plate relay, life test bench of leakage protection plug, performance test bench of electric wall, dry burning life test bench of electric heating pipe, leakage testing machine of electric water heater, internal tank protection current test bench, soybean milk machine life tester, coffee pot life test machine, frying pot life test bench, switch life tester, key life tester, electric pressure cooker heating plate fatigue Life tester, cordless pot coupling power on life tester, display joint durability tester, microwave door switch life tester, refrigerator door switch life test machine, dishwasher door switch life tester, large door switch life test machine, small door switch life tester, washing machine door switch life tester, lamp temperature endurance test room, wind shield Lamp adjusting device tester, lamp impact test device, lamp holder force test device, screw sealing gland test device, rigid suspension lamp torque test, semi lamp bending moment tester, serial lamp pressure test device, hanging lamp load test device, fluorescent lamp holder axial force test device, faucet sprinkler head cold and hot water cycle life test device, single pump sprinkler faucet The testing machine, single pump valve high pressure test machine, single pump valve low pressure test machine, sprinkler tap cold and hot immersion equipment, etc.